August 10, 2023 #Tech #Apparel

Stretchline and BooleanLabs have united to revolutionize the apparel industry by introducing innovative solutions that enhance garment design, production, and sustainability.

Stretchline And Booleanlabs Join Forces For Revolutionize The Apparel Industry

July 20, 2023 #AI #Fintech #Innovation

Silverleap , a prestigious fintech company, has collaborated with BooleanLabs, a pioneering tech innovator, to unveil a revolutionary multi-currency international wallet as a service solution.

Revolutionize Multi-Currency International Wallet as a Service | SilkWorm

July 01, 2023 #AI #Property #Innovation

Inspection Experts partners with Boolean to develop an AI-powered property inspection system called “Inspective” that enables remote inspection management of property through a custom-tailored AI Engine.

IEI partners with BooleanLabs

May 30, 2023 #Tech #Iot #Stack

T. Rowe Price Foundation partners with Boolean to develop web based “Sharing Sugar” platform for non-profit organizations in the Baltimore area, with the primary objective of creating a platform for exchanging resources.

Sharing Sugar | T. Rowe Price Foundation

July 07, 2023 #New Office #USA #Florida

We are thrilled to announce the inauguration of our new Boolean branch in Miami, Florida.

Boolean New Office in Florida

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