• Dubai Government Partners with BooleanLabs

    “Dubai Government (Department of Economic Development) forms a strategic partnership with BooleanLabs to enhance market supervision and inspection by 25% using Artificial Intelligence & IoT, reinforcing the Emirate’s business competitiveness.”
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    Computer Vision and Deep Learning based Advanced Monitoring and Inspection System.

  • They say, “It’s high time to introduce AI transformation to our business to increase business efficiency and reach the next level.”

    We call it “EagleEye: A Computer Vision & Deep Learning based AI engine with use cases for government departments, logistics, defense, insurance, telecommunication, fashion, banking, textile and manufacturing organizations.”
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    Intelligent Log Analysis & Risk Prediction System for Organizations.

  • They say, “One of the key KPIs of our Operations Team is to minimize error rates, risks and down time of all our software applications and systems; We believe an intelligent risk prediction system would be ideal for us to take proactive operational decisions in our day to day work.”

    We call it “Benny: A Data Science based Intelligent Log Analysis & Risk Prediction System that predicts errors and risks of software applications and systems.”
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    Artificial Intelligence and IoT enabled Multi-Factor, Multi-Modal, Multi-Platform Biometric Authentication and Security Platform for Organizations.

  • They say, "Data protection is very important in our business. We want to establish a solution to prohibit unauthorized access to user’s data.”

    We call it “Babylon: AI and IoT enabled Multi-Factor, Multi-Model, Multi-Platform Biometric Authentication and Security Platform for ultimate data security for any consumer or enterprise business solution. Babylon guarantees that no one can access your data without your approval.”
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    Dynamics 365

    Enable Digital Transformation in Organizations.

  • Digital Transformation Unleashed

    “We help organizations implement Digital Transformation via Dynamics 365 Platform. When Digital Transformation is done right, it’s like a caterpillar turning into a butterfly.”
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    Robotic Process Automation

    Automate Organizational Processes via Robotic Process Automation and Intelligent Technology.

  • They say, “By end of 2020, 86% of companies will hit breaking point & will need intelligent automation to keep up.”

    We say, “RPA together with AI & OCR can be a great help – Automation of various activities can improve the performance of almost any business process. Beyond enabling reduction in labor costs, automation can raise throughput, increase reliability, and improve quality, among other performance gains.”

    Dubai Government Partners with BooleanLabs.


About BooleanLabs

“People with passion and intuition can change the world for the better.”

BooleanLabs at the core, we believe that people with passion and intuition can change the world for the better by creating a positive impact through intelligent technology. Our mission is to advance humanity by solving the most challenging problems of organizations, governments, people and society through creativity and technology.

Our team of highly skilled individuals encourages us to solve complex problems in unique and creative ways and develop ground-breaking products.



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Dynamics 365


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Robotic Process Automation (RPA)