Our Purpose

The Booleans, our fundamental belief is that individuals who possess passion have the ability to make a meaningful difference in the world. We are a company that values trust, upholds strong principles, recognizes the importance of our team members, and constantly strives to surpass the limits of our work. Our primary focus is on creating impactful products and solutions.

At The Booleans, we foster an environment where the best ideas prevail. We highly value individuals who possess a unique perspective and approach. Our team is motivated by the power of ideas and innovation, consistently pursuing excellence in all aspects of our work. This dedication extends to the technologies we develop and the operational processes that form the foundation of our organization.

About Booleanlabs

With our offices located in the USA, Sri Lanka, and the UAE, we have assembled a team of exceptionally talented individuals who serve as the core of our organization. Their expertise enables us to tackle complex challenges and find innovative solutions by harnessing cutting-edge technology. Through their unique and creative approaches, we develop ground-breaking product solutions.

We acknowledge that extreme inequality has detrimental effects on all of us, but it disproportionately affects the most vulnerable individuals, particularly women and girls. Despite their tireless efforts, a significant number of people endure the hardship of poverty wages and are deprived of basic rights, which is an injustice we strive to address.

Global Clientele

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Nuwan Dehigaspitiya
Chief Executive Officer

Nuwan is a tech entrepreneur, boasting a wealth of expertise spanning more than 15 years, primarily focused on product innovation, research, and technology strategy.

Ishani Thebuwana
Director - Finance

Ishani is a business entrepreneur possessing an extensive background of more than a decade in strategic areas such as Human Resources, Finance, and Business Administration.

Michael Schuette PhD
Chief Scientist

Michael, a seasoned research, and technology professional with over 35 years of impressive tenure, specializes in the fields of Neuroscience and the memory and storage industry and his profound contributions are evident through his remarkable achievement of being named as an inventor on more than 50 patents.

Rajiv Perera
Vice President

Former CTO for a global insurance intermediary, managing IT for 4,500 employees across 140 offices.

Darshana Kasthururathne PhD
AI & Data Science Consultant

With a diverse background spanning over 16 years in both industry and academia, Dharshana brings a wealth of experience on the fascinating fields of Data Science and Machine Learning. Additionally, Dharshana serves as an Assistant Professor at the Faculty of Computing, SLIIT, Sri Lanka.

Chathuranga Mathangaweera
Architect - Technology

With over 15 years of impressive professional background in IT governance, technology management, and hands-on experience in designing multi-tier, distributed, enterprise-wide application architectures, Chathuranga brings a wealth of expertise and a comprehensive skill set.

Chathura Bandara
Head of UI-UX & Branding

Chathura brings a wealth of expertise and experience in crafting seamless user experiences, visually captivating designs, and cohesive brand identities, elevating businesses through a harmonious fusion of aesthetics and functionality.

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