BooleanLabs R&D and Product Innovation.


SKYLAR is a noble platform that allows any business organizations or enterprises from any domain to build, train, manage and use any image classification model with minimal technical jargon and easy-to-use interface. It is a one of a kind Vision-as-a-Service (VaaS) model for computer vision tasks, specifically image classification.


DR.DOK is capable of extracting information and digitizing any multilingual document – printed texts, handwritten texts, hand marked symbols, user electronic signature via OCR, ICR, OMR, CV technologies.


EAGLEYE is an AI enabled, self-learning, computer vision system that analyzes the video and images from video surveillance cameras, CCTV, drones, IoT devices as well as robots, in order to recognize suspicious people, behavior, suspicious objects and suspicious activity in any place of the country. It is intelligent and can be trained to detect known criminals using face recognition, to be shared with relevant government authorities (police, military forces, etc.) to locate, review and act on their specific locations.

BENNY is a next generation AI built, self-learning log file analysis and error prediction engine designed to be the fail-safe of apps, applications, API or servers used in your organization’s system. Benny transforms organization log files into meaningful statistics to facilitate decision making and predict future behavior. This helps uninterrupted service for both organization’s external and internal applications and systems.

ETHAN is a domain independent product, that can be trained for any industry such as banking, finance, insurance, telecommunication, healthcare etc. Ethan is a multilingual product and it supports different languages such as English, Tamil, Arabic etc. With this context Ethan can be considered as next level banking and finance product as voice interaction can revolutionize the future of financial services and voice is the tip of a holistic transformation that can unlock large efficiencies.


BABYLON is a product created with the vision of help make the world a better place. Overcoming the fear of losing any of your personal details, from any financial application you use. Babylon is a complete biometric enabled authentication and security platform that supports any application, that runs on any platform.


OCTOPUS IoT platform that offers maximum flexibility is needed to make IoT more accessible. Moreover, a OCTOPUS IoT platform is able to work with a multitude of devices and communication protocols. Additionally, a OCTOPUS IoT platform has the capability to be coupled with multiple analytical streams. And also combine with AI engine by enabling prediction capabilities.


BEYE IoT device is designed for remote monitoring and alarming. It supports NB-IoT/GSM/Wifi for monitoring motion, Smoke, fire and vibration. Once Detection is triggered notification will be sent to your server or IoT platform via MQTT or HTTP/HTTPS. Deep sleep mode enabled for battery saving. In a normal detection environment the battery can last for 3-5 months. This device can be used as a motion/smoke/fire/vibration detection device for any kind of application.


JUPITER Intelligent “Expert Advisor” product for Forex Trading.