IEI partners with BooleanLabs

IEI partners with BooleanLabs

Inspection Experts partners with BOOLEANLABS to develop an AI-based Property Inspection System that allows them to carry out their inspection and management tasks of the properties in the US remotely with the intelligent support of a custom-tailored AI Engine.

IEI – Inspection Experts, specializes in master planning, real estate planning, space planning, building upgrade and modernization, building automation system installation and upgrades, and commissioning services.

IEI is one of the leaders in the property inspection sector in the United States. They make sure a property is well-managed, maintained, and safe to occupy when rented to a third party. As per their requirement, we proposed and developed “Inspective”, an intelligent platform that allows remote inspection and management of the properties with the minimal help of the experts. The AI Engine of the system is capable of intelligently identifying the defective and non-defective statuses of a given inspection area of a property. It is also capable of automatic generation of the documentation, which provides the detailed status of the inspection. The purpose of this system is to minimize the workload of their company’s inspectors and the other staff involved in the property inspection process and make the process more robust. The developed system consists of three main parts: Inspective Mobile Application (iOS, Android), Inspective Web Admin and the Inspective AI engine.

Inspective Mobile Application is the support application that allows capturing photos of the property. This is commonly used by the Tenants who live in a particular property. The images captured by this application will be then directed to the Inspective Web Admin and the Inspective AI engine. Inspective Web Admin is utilized by the IEI staff to manage properties and their related parties, see the inspections' statuses, and generate documents.

Being the core of the system, the AI Engine provides all the intelligent support needed for the above-mentioned tasks. It is also capable of learning from its own rare mistakes. However, our extensive testing procedures show very reliable and accurate results.

With the combination of the mentioned main three parts of the Inspective system, our goal is to completely remove the human involvement in the inspection process of the properties, and we are confidently on track for that goal.

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