Intelligent Self-Learning Peer-to-Peer Multi-Agent Traffic Light Network.

GreenLight supports,

  • Vehicle and Pedestrian Scanning
  • Vehicle and Pedestrian Detection
  • Vehicle and Pedestrian Classification
  • Vehicle and Pedestrian Segmentation
  • Vehicle and Pedestrian Tracking
  • Vehicle and Pedestrian Counting
  • Vehicle and Pedestrian Density Calculation
  • Peer-to-Peer Multi Agent Network

How GreenLight Works.

GreenLight helps scan, detect, classify, segment, track and count both vehicles and pedestrians and based on that it calculates vehicle density and change the color lights automatically to support effective traffic management in an intelligent manner.

GreenLight is a complete solution to manage city traffic intelligently without using any Sensors and Laser Beams.

GreenLight has two main components.

1. GreenLight Camera IoT Device

This is a special designed Camera IoT device with deep learning capability inside the device itself. In other words, this device is intelligent enough to do certain processing in the device and take intelligent decisions without sending the video stream to an AI Server.

2. Peer-2-Peer Multi Agent Network

One Camera IoT device communicates with other nearby same IoT devices and take traffic management decisions collaboratively.

GreenLight is a Self-Learning Platform – “Deploy Once, Use Every day”. Since the product is self-learning, it learns from the experience and come up with more accurate decisions with time.

Business Outcomes

  • Save Government Money – No Laser Beams, No Sensors required.
  • No high maintenance costs.
  • Save Driver’s Time.
  • Save Pedestrian's Time.
  • “Deploy Once, Learn Daily”: The technology is Self-Learning and adapts in real time – No recurring costs.
  • Traffic engineering planning.
  • Future road construction and development planning.
  • Traffic analytical predictions and management.