Empowers Digital Intelligent Voice Transformation

Voice is the future of Financial Services

Do you spend a considerable amount of money to maintain call center staff and support staff to handle customer calls and queries? Do your customers have to wait a long time in the lengthy IVR trees to get the answers? Sometimes, don't they even get the required answers?

Ethan is your solution for such situation. Ethan powers the entire customer journey with a digital voice assistant – from acquisition to support.

Ethan is AI based intelligent voice platform that supports,

  • AI Conversational Call Centre.
  • Voice SDKs for mobile apps

Voice applications enable consumers to use natural language to eliminate or reduce manual effort, making it a lot faster to accomplish tasks than any other mode. Voice is the future of most of applications based on customer care support and customer interactions for various industries – telco, banks, finance, insurance, real estate, vehicle, hotels, channeling services etc.

Ethan as an AI Conversational Call Centre

Customer care costs reduction with Ethan is 90% by automating frequently queries via AI conversational IVR. Hence, Ethan can be considered as the next level banking and finance product, due to revolutionization of the future financial services through voice interaction as voice is the tip of a holistic transformation that can unlock large efficiencies. This domain independent product can be trained for any industry such as banking, finance, insurance, telecommunication, healthcare etc. Ethan is also multilingual and supports different languages such as English, Tamil, Arabic etc.

  • Ethan helps transform the entire value chain with voice and reimagine the customer experience with convenience while delivering financial solutions rather than financial products.
  • No requirement for smart phones: simply by dialing the organization’s short code via any phone the customer can get the facilities of the AI Conversational Call Centre.
  • Ethan delivers extraordinary customer experiences while simultaneously deflecting traffic from other expensive channels such as phones.

Voice SDKs for Mobile Apps

  • Ethan comes with Android and iOS SDKs for mobile apps.
  • With Ethan your customers do not need to navigate on app for different functions nor fill any forms; they will simply talk to the mobile phone, and it will do all the services for them.

Use Cases


Ethan as an Information Service Agent

  • Business information (E.g. Leasing, Gold loans, Fixed deposits, Mortgage loans, Exchange rates).
  • Nearest bank branch details (GPS enabled).
  • Nearest bank ATM details (GPS enabled).
  • Credict card discounts & promotions.
  • Job openings at the bank.
  • Personalized account queries.

Ethan as a Fund Transaction Manager

  • Conversational commerce.
  • Handle payments, funds and transactions.

Ethan as a Financial Advisor

  • Ethan, as a wealth advisor can ask you intelligent risk assessment questions, suggest portfolio changes based on your goals, and help you track portfolio performance.

Ethan as a Sales Lead Agent

  • Ethan helps generate new business leads and potential sales by asking the right appropriate personalized questions from the customers by analyzing their past data and patterns.

Ethan as AI Conversational Call Centre

  • Ethan helps transform the entire value chain with voice and reimagine the customer experience with convenience.