Universal Document Digitization System

Single solution to ensure an efficient and error-free scanning and processing of data, images, documents, pdf files, etc. from structured and unstructured forms of multiple sizes, lengths, and shapes.

Capture from a variety of Document Types. Whether it is images (PNG, TIF, JPEG), scans or digital files (PDF, email, CSV, XLS, DOC) Dr.Doc can read the file.

This solution is capable of extracting information and digitizing any multilingual document – printed texts, handwritten texts, hand marked symbols, user electronic signature via OCR, ICR, OMR, CV technologies.

Dr.Dok can be integrated into virtually any application software – whether it is Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP), Accounting, Payroll, Human Capital Management (HCM), Job Cost, Inventory, Logistics, Excel or industry specific software such as real estate and banking applications.

Process Steps:

  • Tell Dr.Dok what are the document templates and what are the data fields needs to be captured.
  • Upload document to be digitized.
  • Super quick data scanning and extraction.
  • Put the extracted information to an Excel, Database or integrate with any other system.

Use Cases


Optical Character Recognition (OCR)


Intelligent Character Recognition (ICR)


Optical Mark Recognition (OMR)


Electronic Signature Verification