Biometric Authentication & Security

An award-winning biometric product designed to be the perfect authentication solution, providing the best security for your data protection with the vision to help make the world a better place.

Assuring your customers overcome the fear of losing any of their personal details from your financial application Babylon the complete biometric enabled authentication and security platform, provides protection and supports any application on any platform.

Our state-of-the-art AI enabled multi-factor multi-model multi-platform biometric authentication and security platform’s various biometric security factors include Fingerprint, Face, Voice, Palm Print, Palm Vein and other generic security factors such as PIN, OTP and Location. It also consists of biometric enabled portable hardware devices as well as SDKs (Android, IOS, JS) and APIs.

Babylon is ISO compliant, guarantees data protection and makes sure that no one can access any of your customers’ accounts without their permission.

Babylon offers you

The option to select from Facial, Fingerprint, Palm Vein, Palm Print or Voice authentication as the users preferred security option, which eliminate the limitations of not having a choice.

  • The ability to authenticate quickly and intuitively – average total time from button press to account access is less than 2 seconds (significantly faster than PIN or passwords).
  • Enhanced security protection of member data – ‘multi-factor authentication’ through biometrics is one of the most effective ways to increase security protection beyond PINs or passwords.
  • Mobile convenience – ‘biometric multi-factor authentication’ preserve the convenience of mobility.
  • • Enhanced user experience that satisfies – fast, easy and secure accesses of business accounts improve the overall end-user experience increasing the user satisfaction.

Use Cases


Cashless, Cardless, Walletless secured financial transactions at the Merchants.


Biometric security for financial mobile apps, web applications and desktop applications.


Secured transactions in ATM and CDM.


High new worth customer recognition.


Dual access control for high secured areas in the financial institute.