Biometric Authentication and Security

The current two-factor solutions in the industry today cannot completely eliminate the password hacking business. Two-factor authentication only addresses ‘Something you know’, a memorable detail like a password and ‘Something you possess’, such as a mobile phone etc. Therefore, we need to bring in an unbreakable authentication factor, into the scene. Which leaves us to explore a third factor which is ‘Something you are’, a Biometric Parameter such as Fingerprints, Voice, Face or Iris.

A Banking Organization wanted to introduce biometric authentication security for their customer mobile apps both Android & iOS. Biometrics are not secrets, like a password or a PIN number. If you want to use a PIN or a password to authenticate your business applications, then you will have to make it very strong. You will also have to keep those credentials securely in your mind. This might be a tedious for a busy person. Even if you use OTP codes via SMS or devices for your financial transactions, you will need to copy/paste/type OTP codes into your business application. This will be time consuming and can create a performance lag apart from the user inconvenience.

Babylon is AI built Multi-Factor, Multi-Modal, Multi-Platform Biometric Authentication & Security Platform

that supports both on premise and on cloud deployments. Babylon helps enabling biometric security for mobile, web, desktop and ATM applications.

  • Fingerprint Verification
  • Face Verification
  • Voice Verification
  • Iris Verification
  • Digital Signature Verification
  • Voice to Text Conversion
  • Face Expression Analysis
  • Voice Expression Analysis
  • Gesture Analysis
  • Text Content Analysis
  • Social Media Analysis
  • NLP & NLU

CCPV Detector

Advanced Market Monitoring and Inspection System

A Government in a particular country aims to enhance efficiency of market supervision and inspection in the country by 25%, thus reinforcing the business competitiveness. The Commercial Compliance & Consumer Protection (CCCP) sector is focusing on integrating smart technologies including AI to improve the quality of services provided to the business community and enhance transparency, neutrality and overall efficiencies across dealings between traders and consumers. The main aim is to make market monitoring and inspection a fast and smooth experience for traders, without any interruption to business operations.

With the product “CCPV Detector” - The Advanced Monitoring and Inspection System, the time taken for filing complaints as well as completing inspections on smart applications will be substantially reduced. While the business community as well as residents will benefit from the improvement in quality and time of inspections, it will also take the country further up in global competitiveness rankings.

CCPV Detector is completely based on Artificial Intelligence, Deep Learning, Machine Vision, IoT, Beacon and Robotics.

Designed an IoT Device (bShoot) that can be fitted with robots, drones or vehicle fitted IoT to monitor market and facilitate supervision and inspection activities. The IoT device itself is an intelligent device embedded with Deep Learning AI algorithms to analyze images and the same video stream is sending through the Central AI Engine for further process analysis activities. The entire process gives smooth experience for traders and the result of the analysis is notified to the government authorities and traders without any interruption to business operations.

Beacon technology (bMark) was introduced for the market to increase inspection efficiency and the same technology would help trades to increase brand awareness too. This technology helps enhance transparency, neutrality and overall efficiencies across dealings between government, traders and consumers.


Intelligent Suspect Detection and Tracking System

National Security is very important for any country in the world. Identifying suspicious people, known criminals, suspicious objects, suspicious behavior and suspicious activities is a crucial measurement in national security.

EagleEye is an intelligent system for any country that is capable of predicting possible terrorist activities and violation beforehand by detecting suspicious people, behavior, activity and objects and notify relevant authorities (Police, Military Forces, etc.) real time. Furthermore, EagleEye is intelligent and can be trained to detect known criminals/terrorists using facial recognition, and their exact location details is getting tracked and can be shared with relevant government authorities for reviewing and action.

EagleEye is purely based on Artificial Intelligence, Machine Vision, Deep Learning and Data Scienceand also helps strengthen national security of any country.


Intelligent Log Analysis and Risk Prediction System

One of world’s leading Telco provider wanted to predict the future behavior of their backend servers, web services, APIs, web applications and customer mobile apps. The main objective of this mission is to analyze the behavior of the internal systems, identify risks and take corrective actions before things go wrong and hence provide smooth uninterrupted experience for their customers.

Benny is AI built intelligent system which is capable of analyzing different system log files and predict risks and behavior of organizational applications, APIs, apps, nodes and systems. In other words, Benny is intelligent enough to transform organization’s log file data into meaningful informative statistics and predictions to facilitate day to day operations and decision-making process of the organization.

Benny provides comprehensive Predictive Dashboard that reflects Risk Profiles, Failure Distribution, Delay Profiles, Response Time Outliers, Traffic Distribution, Traffic Outliers and Peak Management of organization’s applications, apps, web services, APIs, nodes and backend servers.

DR. Doc

Intelligent Document Analysis and Automation System

One Financial Company wanted to automate their main business process to increase efficiency and cut down errors and recurring costs. This solution requires;

  • Checking originality of the documents.
  • The ability to automate workflows and process steps.
  • Automatic extraction of data from the documents.
  • Automated mechanism to validate extracted data.
  • Digital signature verification

Dr.Doc is AI and Data Science enabled document analysis and automation system that fulfills all the above listed requirements. It has functionality that supports Artificial Intelligence embedded with OCR, RPA and Biometric verification.

Process Steps:

Step 1: Setup & Train

Tell Dr.Doc what are the document templates.

Step 2: Documents

Capture from a variety of Document Types. Whether it is images (PNG, TIF, JPEG), scans or digital files (PDF, email, CSV, XLS, DOC) Dr.Doc can read the file.

Variety of input methods.

Process documents from multiple sources – API upload, Web Portal and Mobile App.

Step 3: Extract & Validation

Super quick data scanning and capture.

Automatically extract, read and analyze content (letters, numbers, images etc.) in the given document.

Verify the accuracy of the extracted data.

Check placement of words, statements are correct.

Step 4: Automation

Process automation via RPA (Robotic Process Automation) engine

Step 5: Self Learning

OCR with AI - Self-learning new document designs.

If there isn’t a 100% originality, the document is escalated for you to validate the data extracted – and through machine learning the engine learns from your validation.

Step 6: Integration

Dr.Doc can be integrated into virtually any application software – whether it is Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP), Accounting, Payroll, Human Capital Management (HCM), Job Cost, Inventory, Logistics, Excel or industry specific software such as real estate and banking applications.